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Kishan took over the management and operations of the school during winter 2021.

A Springbok competitive swimmer, representing RSA, together with a degree in Sport Science, and qualified Learn to Swim instructor means he's able to share his deep technical knowledge and love for learning to swim with those around him.


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Zayaan is highly experienced with little swimmers; friendly, caring and passionate about swimming, and determined to develop young kids and see their progression.

She started her career in coaching in 2009, and loves teaching and interacting with the little ones.


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Danyal's swimming journey started around the age of two years old, in 2003, and funnily enough, it was right here, when Stars Swimming School opened down the road from home.

When Vivienne Kalan opened the doors to the public he and his Dad were some of the first swimmers signed up for lessons.

Danyal's father first learned to swim at the same time when he learnt to swim, and from that day his love for the water was born.

After leaving...


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Emma started her swimming journey as a young Toddswimmer at Stars Swimming School and later ventured onto swimming at school as well as at swimming clubs in the Southern Suburbs area.

Although not going into competitive swimming , she was always actively involved in swimming for fitness reasons. At school ,she was always one of the only girls to regularly go swimming and always participated in galas that her school held.

Her swimming coaching journey started at the beginning of 2019 as an assistant coach lead by Vivienne and then...


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