Our Philosophy

Every parent wants the best for their children. So what works the best?
Well, science says the foundation for a child’s cognitive growth is rooted in two key factors: a safe environment and learning through guided play at any age.
Yes, play! This is how kids develop the skills that ultimately give them the courage to dive into new experiences.

We want to give kids and swimmers the platform to build essential life skills that will help them make waves as they grow through life. We’ve created an inviting and safe place where kids overcome their fears, learn to swim, respect the water and have lots of fun while doing it.

Our Vision:

At Stars Swimming School we believe in creating an environment which fosters happiness and learning through creativity, care, innovation and helping others reach their personal goals. Our vision is to transcend our love for swimming by inspiring people in our community to Learn to Swim.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide an authentic, world-class Learn to Swim facility and programme that delivers outstanding value and consistent results, enabled by a team with a passion for people and learning.


A commitment to delivering value through innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.


Teamwork, community spirit and passion.


Embrace learning.


Deliver an authentic and positive customer-focused experience.


Building open and honest relationships.


Have fun!

We teach swimming through building confidence, repetition and skill reinforcement in a safe and fun environment.
Our primary focus is water safety, while at the same time fostering a love of swimming.



All you need to do is add fun!