Kids Swimming Lessons

  • 3 Pool System

    We have a unique 3-pool swimming teaching methodology, where each pool is purpose-built to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and learning of specific aquatic skills and abilities.

  • Progressive Instruction

    Our teaching methodology is rooted in fun-based activities which facilitate group learning through demonstration, repetition and skills progression.

  • Recognising Learning

    Each class type is divided into achievable outcomes, rewarded regularly with a Progress Certificate further encouraging and affirming learning.

  • Specific Teaching Units

    Each individual swimming lesson is further divided into highly specific units of physical movement, prepared before each lesson by our qualified instructors which guide swimmers to achieving outcomes based on their abilities.

Swimming Lesson Types in the Small Pool:

   Pre-Beginner Swimming Lessons
(for toddlers aged 2 to 4 years old)


   Beginner Swimming Lessons
(for young kids aged 4 to 6 years old)

  • Level 1: Tadpole

    • Introduction to water safety through play
    • Self-supportive pool entering and exit techniques
    • Breathing techniques: blowing bubbles
    • Floating and buoyancy exploration on Front and Back
      (with swimming aid)
    • Collecting toys underwater

  • Level 2: Frog

    • Freely swim underwater
    • Front gliding (with swimming aid)
    • Front kicking (with swimming aid)
    • Sitting dive

  • Level 3: Guppy

    • Kicking on back (with swimming aid)
    • Changing body position in water
    • Floating unaided
    • Elementary arm technique
    • 4m forward movement (unaided)

Swimming Lesson Types in the Middle Pool:

    Learn to Swim Swimming Lessons
(for kids aged 6 to 12 years old)

  • Level 4: Seahorse

    • Self-supportive pool entering and exit techniques
    • Breathwork and breath holding for 5 seconds
    • Freestyle kicking
    • Floating and buoyancy exploration techniques
    • Freestyle arm technique
    • Basic breaststroke arms and leg technique

  • Level 5: Starfish

    • Elementary backstroke arm and leg technique
    • Elementary butterfly kicking technique
    • Changing swimming direction
    • Collecting toys underwater
    • Crouch dive with correct technique

  • Level 6: Goldfish

    • Freestyle arms and legs
    • Backstroke arms and legs
    • Elementary butterfly arm technique
    • Elementary breaststroke kicking technique
    • Streamlined underwater propulsion

Swimming Lesson Types in the Middle Pool:

    Stroke Correction Swimming Lessons
(for kids aged 8 to 14 years old)


    Squad Swimming Training
(for kids aged 10 to 16 years old)

  • Level 7: Seal

    • Freestyle breathing
    • Breaststroke arm technique
    • Butterfly kicking technique
    • Elementary diving technique
    • Basic lifesaving straddle jump

  • Level 8: Dolphin

    • Correct breathing for all four strokes
    • Underwater swimming
    • Treading water techniques
    • Changing swimming direction
    • Track start dive

  • Level 9: Shark

  •     50m technically sound:

    • Freestyle
    • Breaststroke
    • Backstroke
    • Butterfly
    • Tumble-turn forward roll into freestyle stroke
    • Stationary sculling and treading water

The Stars Swimming School® learn to swim curriculum is structured around the achievement of each child’s developmental milestones. Children who are the same age may be at different developmental stages. Therefore, regardless of ability and skill acquisition, each child may belong to a learn to swim class type best suited to their developmental stage.

It’s more important to think of students as individual learners. Class placement depends on both the child’s physical ability and on the level of their cognitive and social/emotional development. As your child enters our group classes, his or her grouping will depend upon the achievement of a specific sequence of aquatic skills, many of which will not be apparent to parents watching from the deck, and many of which will be brand new to your child’s experiential learning opportunities.

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